Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to know you're a Little Mommy.

Maddix has become quite the little Mommy. She was basically born into this role, but just recently has taken upon herself the real art of it. I feel as though I could leave the house and turn her loose, whipping the boys into shape.

My favorite little Mommy-isms of her consist of...

"You're making me crazy, you know!"
"Chew your food with your mouth closed!"
"You shouldn't do that, that's really inappropriate."
"You need to worry about yourself."

She knows where everyone is at all times. I asked my brother Cayton where my other brother was and he didn't know. She chimed in, "He's at Bass Pro Shop with his friend Jake." Daaheck!? She's five! How does one five year old know more than two adults? And his friends name?

Then, to top it all off, she said to me last week as I was cleaning the kitchen, "Mom, you're not supposed to do that. Your doctor said you had to rest on the couch for three days!" Reminding her Mom that she's on bedrest? Oy vey!

It cracks me up. But my favorite part is how caring and compassionate she is. She's always giving someone a hug, making sure everyone is happy, scratching my arm softly and saying the sweetest things. I love my little Mommy!

8 Splendid Notes:

Rebecca said...

What a little darling! It sounds like she's the oldest instead of the baby! Sounds like she's getting ready for her new role as big sister. You may have a bossy pants on your hands before you know it. Although, bossy pants tend to be the best helpers! Have fun with that cutie!

What Spoiled My Eggs? said...

So sweet that little one!!

Aiketa said...

Ooooooh Maddix is a really sweet girl!
I'm looking forward for the day I have a daughter myself and it would be great if she is like yours!!! I want that sweetness too!

As a medical student about to finish my degree, if your Dr. told you to be on bedrest, you should!!! ;) Little girls are always right, so obey Maddix! and the Dr.! ;P

Shannon McHale said...

What a sweetheart! That Maddix is going to grow up to be an awesome mommy, just like her own.

Chloe Deverill said...

So sweet!
She has a good example to follow =)

Jeff and Michelle Galovan said...

She sounds so sweet and perfect! Aren't girls so fun!!

Shalyn said...

Aw, I just adore her! My favorite is "that's really inappropriate..."ha

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

haha shes so cute.