Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Norbergs.

In May, we moved out of my Moms and into a cute little house in the cutest little neighborhood. My friend, Niki, lived here just before us and had the brilliant idea that we move in when she moved out. Before we had, Niki's mom had said to me while I was checking the house out, "I think you guys are going to be really happy here." And while I have had really sad days here, I have also been the happiest I have ever been.

Just a straight shot down the sidewalk with one house in between, 107 steps away is the dear Norberg family. I believe in fate and timing, and that everyone in your life is meant to be and has a purpose. But if I didn't believe this before meeting Leyla, I definitely would have been converted to that belief after meeting her. It has been amazing to have her in my life, and has made me a better person. Her love, service and compassion has changed my life. Her husband Cody has been such a sweet friend to me and an incredible role model to my kids. They adore him. Their daughter Margot (the 'T' is silent ;)) and my Maddix are two peas in a pod and its been so fun to have the baby boys be just 5 weeks apart. We have just had so much fun with them and have made some wonderful, cherished memories.

My heart hurts thinking of moving away from them, even if its only a mile away, in a few weeks. Unless of course, somebody wants to give me a million dollars so we can stay for the rest of lives! Any takers?

Friday, January 04, 2013

Farewell 2012.

2012 has been the biggest whirlwind year of my life. We moved out of my moms and into our own place. I made life long friendships and ended some that weren't healthy. I had a gorgeous baby boy and sadly, filed for divorce. I have felt the most extreme joy but was also slumped into depression for a few months time. But in my lowest lows I always learn my greatest lessons. I have learned to care less about what people think of me. Their judgements are between them and God. I have learned that I cannot control people's gossip or lies but can only be who I am and prove them wrong. I have learned how to hold my tongue when all I want to do is say ugly things. And I have learned that forgiveness is key to happiness. There's a reason people hate change and that's because it's completely unknown. I have never walked more blindly in my life but I appreciate the faith that comes with it. There are things I will never know or understand but one thing I quality of life depends on my ability to be vulnerable, forgive, and love. And I have never regretted loving someone. Be kind 2013. I'm looking forward to you.

Instagram: alexhall
Photo: Pied Piper
Hair and Makeup: the Beauty Mark Girls

Monday, December 17, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

The Pied Piper is amazing. We had such a great time with her and I was in tears over these pictures. Thanks Lindsay!

We have had a lot of changes happen in the last few months. But my kids remind me daily how great life is. xoxo

Instagram: alexhall

Monday, June 11, 2012

My kids are growing up.

Summer is undeniably here to test my love for my children. The days are never at a loss of squabbles and tears. Peanut butter smeared on the countertops and mountains of Otter Pop wrappers found throughout the house. Nevertheless, we are surviving...even if it's by a hair.

Friday, April 27, 2012


I know, I know. I've been depriving the world of some adorable eye candy. My baby is pretty cute so i am learning to share. Forgive me?

We are all doing so great. Chellis has started back up at physical therapy. He schedules all his appointments. Calls and gets rides to and from rehab and has found some new independence in doing so. I have already noticed so much positive change and improvement and it's only been three weeks.

Bronson turned 7 and is a BOY through and through. He is on his 3rd pair of shoes for the year because he just trashes them. He is so smart and has been getting 100% on all of his spelling PRE-tests for the last 4 months. He has lots of friends and has the most tender heart.

Maddix has learned to read so well. She is almost done with her reading program for school. We noticed a HUGE improvement when we promised a mermaid LaLaLoopsy as her reward for finishing it. She is 5 going on 20. She truly sees her and I as equals. She's my best friend.

Sawyer, oh my little baby, is so amazing. He's already two months old. He is smiling lots and trying to laugh. My heart could burst at the thought of him...

As for me, I can tell you in one word: Blessed.

Photos from instagram: alexhall

Monday, March 05, 2012

We have a baby!

Sawyer John Hall
8lbs 2oz 20 inches long
Born on 2•29•12 at 5:35 pm

We've genuinely, never been happier.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Super pregnant.

{photo by my one and only Mele.}

I thought you should know, I am still alive AND still pregnant.
So pregnant in fact, that I now have to roll out of bed. It ain't pretty.
So pregnant that I waddle more than a duck. Just ask the flock of baby ducks that follow me around.
So pregnant that I can finish my meal, my husbands, and yours too. Hand me the Whopper and nobody gets hurt!
So pregnant that it feels like this little guy is playing peek-a-boo in my nether regions. How's that for a visual?
I am just super pregnant.
I hope you picked up on that.

Monday, January 23, 2012

A stroller.

We finally got our act together and ordered a stroller. (Actually, I won it off of eBay for a smokin' deal.) I was dreading the day it came because I was not looking forward to putting it together. This is the kind of stuff I tend to miss about Chellis' used-to-be-body. You know, all those honey-do's? Most are a defeat to Chellis now, since it is hard to do those things with just one arm.

So Friday, I came home from an afternoon out. My body was exhausted and the end of the day was no where in sight. I made my way into our room. It was covered in cardboard, plastic and styrofoam. In the middle of all the mess, sat our stroller. New, shiny, and perfectly put together.

Chellis spent three hours that afternoon putting it together all by himself with his one arm. It was the most sweet and sincere act. It made me teary all weekend thinking about it. And it still does.

That stroller has landed a special place in my heart because I know every time I use it, I will think if how wonderful my man is.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to know you're a Little Mommy.

Maddix has become quite the little Mommy. She was basically born into this role, but just recently has taken upon herself the real art of it. I feel as though I could leave the house and turn her loose, whipping the boys into shape.

My favorite little Mommy-isms of her consist of...

"You're making me crazy, you know!"
"Chew your food with your mouth closed!"
"You shouldn't do that, that's really inappropriate."
"You need to worry about yourself."

She knows where everyone is at all times. I asked my brother Cayton where my other brother was and he didn't know. She chimed in, "He's at Bass Pro Shop with his friend Jake." Daaheck!? She's five! How does one five year old know more than two adults? And his friends name?

Then, to top it all off, she said to me last week as I was cleaning the kitchen, "Mom, you're not supposed to do that. Your doctor said you had to rest on the couch for three days!" Reminding her Mom that she's on bedrest? Oy vey!

It cracks me up. But my favorite part is how caring and compassionate she is. She's always giving someone a hug, making sure everyone is happy, scratching my arm softly and saying the sweetest things. I love my little Mommy!

Friday, January 13, 2012

A New Year.

I feel like 2011 was another year of huge growth for me.
As a friend, as a Mom, and as a wife.
{photos courtesy of ashley from the Bagley's annual New Years palooza}
{Yes, we were "dressed up" as Singing in the Rain. Turns out, it is hard to think of a costume for a pregnant girl and guy in a wheelchair.}

{No, I'm not drunk.}

Our marriage seemed to go through a roller coaster of emotions last year. It is so hard being the caretaker to your husband. And I attribute the trials of last year to that. We had to find our niche. What works for us and what doesn't and I love where we ended up.
I also grew as a Mother and I grew as a friend. Of course growth means that you went through something unpleasant but came out on top.
{aileen, me, reachel, beth}

I can only hope, as the all the years before have proven, that it will just get better and better. That I will grow each year. And that, like I always do, will respect the things I've learned but would never want to go back. That I will always love the here and now because yes, I miss some things about the past but the present is so much more promising.
One thing is always for certain.
I will always feel beyond lucky to have my family and friends.
I'm obsessed with them.

This year...
I want to be more patient.
I want to be more balanced.
And I want to be more kind.

Cheers to a great new year!